The Design Classic Appearance of Wood Chandelier from Dave Keune

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Dave Keune has created a wooden chandelier design that looks very unique and interesting. Lamp contemporary hanging the work was very impressed Dave Keune very classic. Using materials wood base is a business in making the design become much more classic look. The design of this classic lamp indeed be very appropriate for you who have made the interior design of the timber. Wood material is have a high artistic value and very natural. Naturally creates the impression of the atmosphere becomes much more exotic.

Unique design, making this wooden chandelier looks looks very interesting. Lamp unique hanging light will create a spectacular impression. The purpose is what makes Dave Keune very serious to create this wooden chandelier. The lighting will look more more interesting when the lights are out through the cracks lampshade. Classic lighting designs for a more modern appearance, is the desire that is always there in every person. Bamboo materials quality, making this lamp looks very interesting.

Source: Dave Keune

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